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- Team fee is $1200 flat, this is not including required jersey purchase

- Jerseys are $40 per player, feature name and number. 

- Full Payment (Team Fee + Jerseys) Is required by May 18 to ensure on time delivery of jerseys and venue bookings

- Individual sign up is not guaranteed, price may vary. If a full team of individuals register, the team fee ($1200) and jersey purchase will be split evenly between teammates. There will be an option to be added to an active team, you will be contacted by email regarding price in this case. 

Click here if you have a group to form a team with

Click here if you are looking to join a team

League Notes

- The Competition level we are aiming for is Intermediate, meaning; All teams will have players with experience playing in organized basketball 

- This league will have a start range from early to mid June depending on when teams have finalized registration

- Jersey purchase is required for each individual player 

- First teams to complete full payments and registration will have priority scheduling

- League Champs will be awarded with a season highlight tape, a trophy and will be featured on the home page of this website!

- 2 Refs in every game

- Format will be U.S. College basketball rules with possible adjustments which will always be announced before league start.

Benefits Of Our League!

- We offer photography of players free of charge throughout the season, you can even be featured on our website or highlights of the week video!

- Custom mixtapes (Individual, Team) can be requested for a discussed price, this excludes our championship team who will get this for free.

- Jerseys are yours to keep and may be reused in future seasons.

- Our locations will always be good quality as we pride ourselves on ensuring good court locations for any of our leagues.

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